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Yawning Bear Bread Co.

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Hi there! I'm Liz, owner and baker of Yawning Bear Bread Co. I'm so happy you're here.

Yawning Bear Bread Co. was founded in the summer of 2021, with the goal of bringing freshly baked bread flavored with seasonally-sourced ingredients to the local Columbus community. Soon, a small wicker basket of seven loaves became an entire Subaru-full of bread. Ranging from Seeded Rye to Roasted Rosemary Garlic, Classic Sourdough to Kalamata Olive, there’s an abundance of varieties to choose from. The YBB mission is simple: Bring fresh, flavorful bread to you and your family's table. All you need to do is eat- and, of course, cheers to fresh bread!

Why a bear you ask?

My first few months of business were some of the most simultaneously thrilling and exhausting days of my life. It felt like I was waking up to what I was meant to do, and during this realization I found myself appreciating the most simple pleasures of life; a nap, a buttered slice of toast, time in the sun.  From this came the idea of the yawning bear. I wanted something that would symbolize the joy of warmth and comfort after a long day. And upon waking, ready to eat a few slices of toast with the creatures you love.

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Yawning Bear Bread Co. is a cottage-licensed bakery, and does not have a brick and mortar store.

Where you can find bread:

Local businesses

I currently deliver to:

Bexley Natural Market- Thursdays

The Hills Market Downtown - Thursdays

Local markets

Clintonville Farmers Market- Saturdays, 9-12 - My tent is at the corner of High St. and Orchard Lane. 

I'll be returning to the Bexley farmers markets May 18th.


​I do not currently take preorders for market pickup. However, you can place a pre-order for pickup at Three Bites Bakery on Thursdays during shop hours (8:00-2:00). The pre-order window closes weekly on Tuesdays at 8:00 PM. Preorder here

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Artisan White

A true Yawning Bear classic, this one has been around since day one. Featuring a nice fluffy crumb, this is the most versatile of the bunch and can be paired with anything your heart desires.

Birdseed Whole Wheat Sourdough

A trifecta of all the best things- naturally leavened bread, whole grains, and enough oats and seeds to let you skip your next doctors appointment

Classic Sourdough

She speaks for herself! A YBB bestseller by leaps and bounds. No olives or garlic here- just simple sourdough, with a crackly crust and a soft crumb.

Kalamata Olive Sourdough

A good greek bread. Plump, salty kalamata olives throughout a sourdough base means that a slice of this loaf is one salami rose away from being a portable charcuterie board.

Rosemary Garlic Sourdough

The rosemary? Fresh. The garlic? Confit. The result? A loaf packed with sweet, herbaceous cloves of garlic. The plan? Make the most garlicky garlic bread the world has even seen.

Seeded Rye

This loaf was made with ruebens in mind. Caraway seeds all-throughout, and made with medium-rye flour to achieve a lovely tang. Features an intentionally tight crumb so that your Thousand Island dressing doesn't get everywhere.

Spring Seasonal Item:
Hatch Chili Turmeric

Packed with hatch chili peppers, the spice level on this loaf remains mellow but flavorful. Paired with some earthy turmeric (which gives the bread its tell-tale vibrant yellow color) and nutritional yeast, this savory goodness is headed for a grilled cheese near you!

Spring Seasonal Item:
Cranberry Walnut

Sounds like a simple classic, but after toasting the walnuts with EVOO, brown sugar, and cinnamon, this loaf provides a gentle sweetness that's unlike the rest of the YBB menu, balanced out with some tart cranberries.


  • Everything Focaccia

  • Black Sesame Rye Focaccia 

  • Note: focaccia flavors are subject to change seasonally- check out @yawningbearbread on Instagram (see the posts below!) for the latest flavors.

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Curious about crust? Yearning for yeast? Reach out with questions or concerns at 

There's just one human behind this little bakery so please allow a few days for a response!

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